1Ain't Too Proud To Brute Force (Villanova University)3183
2Griffins 2 (Chestnut Hill College)267
3Sharks (Stockton University)269
4Griffins 1 (Chestnut Hill College)292
5Frantic (Framingham State)2116
6Juniata Eagles2145
7Team A (Community College of Baltimore County)2200
8Moravian Grey2233
9I Don't Know (Bloomsburg University)2294
10La Salle Blue2326
11Moutaineers (Mount St Mary's)2328
12Moravian Blue131
13La Salle Gold155
14TeamOR (Longwood University)168
15Ospreys (Stockton University)186
16This is a Really Long Team Name (Bloomsburg University)1103
17Team B (Community College of Baltimore County)1159
18Team Muhlenberg1259
19TeamAND (Longwood University)00

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